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Lifelong Learning Planning Group Interviews

Interviews to the group organising the Lifelong Learning Festival

1. How is the planning going?

Working as a team developing a project like this is really challenging and great. It is been a great experience. We feel that we are learning more each day and improving our organisation and planning skills. And we are always having new ideas and brainstorming about it. Creativity and motivation is the main word.

2. Can you describe some of the tasks you are doing?

There are so many interesting tasks. We are managing the face book page, working on taking and editing photos, posting on the WIN page updating all the information every week, creating posters for the event and for each workshop station, preparing agendas for meetings and doing minutes after so we can follow up what's has been done, creating attendance certificates for the workshop, developing marketing strategies to promote the event, preparing the training for each station , etc.

3. What are your expectations about this event?

We are very excited about it and expecting to have a unique experience in the day. We are hopping people to attend the event to learn in a fun and simple. We are hoping to help them through a positive and simple learning experience, that will help them in the future improving their day to day, regarding technologies. The important is that everyone has a positive experience.

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